Happy customer story: Distinctly Different

Under the label Distinctly Different drop three shops where "luxury goods for men 'are sold. Classic, traditional European brands from countries like France, England and Germany are lovingly offered. In mid-2013 - the company was three years old and growing fast - it became clear that Microsoft Outlook might not be long enough to provide the emails from customers on time with a good answer, says Jochem de Groot of Distinctly Different.

In the time of Outlook Jochem and his colleagues had a rule: they put together in the cc when they responded to an email from a customer. So everyone was aware of other questions, orders and changes. At least that was the intention. Jochem: "Even when we were a couple, we were crazy about all internal mails went back and forth. And the chances of unread e-mails became too big. There had to be better. "

Casengo: not too extensive

Just after the busy winter months of 2013 Jochem was called and asked whether Distinctly Different was interested in customer service software Casengo. "We were already testing with Fresh Desk. Yet I did Casengo a chance, because I found Fresh Desk too cumbersome. I had the idea that Casengo would be more user friendly. And indeed you see that people have Casengo years of experience.
Everything we need is in it, while it is not too extensive. "

Jochem tested both systems side by side for a while first. "I was particularly impressed by the flexibility that showed the Casengo team. Anywhere fast action was taken on. Fresh Desk was still much more rigid and impersonal. And that Casengo is Dutch, was a welcome bonus. We went for Casengo. "

Casengo: End of chaos

Beginning in 2014 went Peter Jochems use colleague in the warehouse in Dordrecht, Casengo. "He is technically weaker and had to get used to, but the workflow improved rapidly. He loves to get any more cc's. Every morning he goes equally by all emails back. The rest is back. "

In addition to removing the redundant internal contacts, Casengo has caused much less noise, says Jochem. "Since we use Casengo, we work more efficiently together. The care we give to our range, we also give our customers - because we certainly have no physical store. The application also includes a fully integrated chat function. If we have a question via live chat ingest, we are in direct contact with the customer. Thanks Casengo can. "

About ### Casengo
Casengo, the cloud application for smarter customer service, combines the best of e-mail and chat. Therefore retailers and other progressive companies to their customers faster than ever to help the correct answer. Founded in 2011, conceived and developed in Amsterdam. Look at casengo.nl for more information.

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