Happy customer story: Bol.com

Bol.com Successful Partner Program enables websites capable, free and without fuss, to promote bol.com articles on their own site. Questions about the program can be made since December 2014 via live chat of Casengo. The support technician since also answers emails via Casengo. And the FAQ at http://partnerblog.bol.com also runs on the powerful Casengo knowledge base.

"We have for years without Casengo to do," sighs the online marketer of bol.com Partner Program. Even though he meant it jokingly, he is not sorry that the times of the Outlook flags, -kleurtjes and folders are over. "It went well, but consistency and speed did not exist. Thanks Casengo we have returned the survey. "

Less mails via live chat

In the autumn of 2014 bol.com was looking for a good supplier of especially live chat. 'I was mostly done with many back-and-weergemail, and therefore needed a way to turn and questions to answer once full faster. Live chat seemed ideal for that. I knew Get Satisfaction, Zendesk and UserVoice all, but when I came across Casengo. "

It suited the online marketer Casengo which is Dutch, and like the bol.com Partner Program has much to do with small business owners. "Casengo looked like a congenial company with low prices. I wanted to try it. And because live chat in combination with e-mail and self-service works best, we were all for it. Down with Outlook! "

Casengo: running fast

Installing the WordPress plugin was extremely simple, confirms bol.com. "An egg. Just turn it on and go. Also filling the knowledge base is straightforward. To get the right look and feel, as I myself was involved in CSS. But I'm not a developer; I estimate that developers who have geïmplimenteerd Casengo once, then there is hardly a few hours have lost it. "

Email is still the favorite channel partners with questions. "It remains the most patient channel. And also works for e-mail us via Casengo super: adding labels and macros is very simple. Chatting is increasingly being used, especially now we chat button gave a brighter color. Same question often comes along, we will adjust our FAQ so on to it. Thus, the pressure on email gradually. Yes, we absolutely recommend Casengo to others! "

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