Yes we could! Looking back upon 2012... we were busy devising, developing and launching our product during the last months of 2012, the new year silently snuck up on us. It’s full steam ahead in 2013 with new and exciting challenges that would not be possible without the fantastic feedback from our Casengo users, and the hard work of our dev team. So grab a coffee as we reminisce about all the milestones that culminated in Casengo’s 12-12-2012 launch. What a date! January to March - Bob the Builder From the database infrastructure to the colour scheme of the application, both front end and back end developers worked furiously to take the concept of hybrid messaging to a fully working prototype. Code after code, feature after feature, they built like Bob the Builder. And then we decided to call it Casengo! March to May - Bells and whistles With a robust framework to hand it was time to develop the bells and whistles. By mid-March every developer had his own test account, getting hands on with the software in order to improve the customer experience.

The Casengo blog went live, and the beta website was up and running. June to September - Closed beta Without too much persuasion, the first external closed beta testers were heralded in. As with all healthy kids, there were a couple of teething issues, but our guinea pigs persevered with us, providing us with insightful feedback that made our product truly the smarter customer support app. We’ll be eternally grateful. October - Open beta We threw open our doors on October 3 and entered public beta phase with a brand new website and a nifty little teaser video, rounding out the month with the addition of case notifications and mobile browser enhancements. Productivity to the max! November - Going Dutch Being a proud Amsterdam company, it was only a matter of time before the website and the application was localized in Dutch. Hartstikke leuk!! December - Lift off! The magic date was 12-12-2012, when Casengo threw off the beta tag and launched officially with a groovy product video and some new features including phone call management, further app customization, basic reporting and a Wordpress application. Thanks again to all our users for jumping on board. If you haven’t logged into your account in a while, why not do so now? Start the new year off on the right foot and check out some new features you may have missed. Stay tuned for more great enhancements in 2013!