Why we rebuilt Casengo

Floris  | 

I am glad to inform you that we’ve almost completed the roll-out of Casengo Next. We’ve introduced a new interface and design, improved functionalities and are now working with a new architecture.

Almost each detail (from features to buttons) has been turned over by our top developers (Ivan, Daniel, Chris 1 and Chris 2), our first in-house designer ever (Thomas) and our brand new UX guy Ernst. Casengo, I’m glad to say, has grown up.

Casengo is now three years old. That in itself is quite an achievement for a small company that started its journey in a gloomy suburb of Amsterdam. After moving to a bright town house overlooking the Emperor’s Canal (Keizersgracht), we got back-up by henQ Investments, both in terms of money and of commercial expertise.

From 1.0 to Next

Casengo’s previous version was a fine one, with its retro look and feel. It ran, however, on an architecture that wasn’t quite as flexible as we’d hoped when we started building it in 2012. And disappointing our users wasn’t part of the plan.

When a couple of users kept asking for the same features and we just couldn’t grant their wishes, we knew it was time for a big change. Mid 2014, we started building a new version. Casengo Next was made available to new sign-ups in December and is now available to everyone.

What’s new

Casengo Next has a flat design, allowing us to make certain functionalities more intuitive than before. We moved all the productivity functionalities (case status, tags, attributes) to the right panel, which is now expandable.

The left side is now reserved for contact-related information, giving the app a much more intuitive flow. It’s easier to add quick replies (s), invite others to join the conversation, and even forward entire conversations or parts of it to third parties.

All of our users will benefit from these changes, but larger teams – who end up working on cases together – will really feel the difference. We improved the notification system, adding desktop notifications, improving responsiveness and performance.

Next in Next

We’re now working hard on taking internal collaboration to another next level. You’ll soon get notifications each time a colleague updates a case you were working on. We’ll add mass actions within the inbox. The knowlegde base is also getting a make-over. Stay tuned - and do let us know (feedback@casengo.com) what you think of Casengo Next. Cheers!