WhatsApp integration for Casengo nears open beta

Floris  | 

Our phone and chat lines haven’t stopped buzzing since news got round about our new WhatsApp integration. Our hackathon in January resulted in a working prototype, making Casengo the first ever multichannel platform to integrate WhatsApp successfully.

We started testing it internally for a few weeks, then moved onto a closed beta programme. Our beloved guinea pigs are now able to manage WhatsApp conversations just as easily as emails, chat messages and social media posts, using the Casengo team inbox. Casengo enables them to prioritize messages, assign conversations to team members, view the customer’s history and use pre-set responses to react faster than ever.

Since the start of our WhatsApp adventure, we added the following features:

  • conversation and case management
  • team inbox
  • follow up with live chat and email
  • contact online / offline status
  • contact/agent typing

Coming up: bigger volumes! We’re now looking for closed beta testers expecting to get 50 to 100 WhatsApp messages a day. Is your company interested in boosting productivity and conversion using WhatsApp for your customer service? Enter your email address here.

We’ll be moving onto open beta this month - stay tuned!