New customer WhatsApp features

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In response to the increasing demand for efficient WhatsApp customer service tool for businesses, Casengo launched a few months ago WhatsApp integration - the first all-in-one customer service application in the world. Our tool, which enables customers to manage WhatsApp conversations with multiple users through one central number has grown to become one of Casengo's most beloved features.

We have not been idle in the meantime. Based on the valuable suggestions we have received from customers, we developed new functionalities that facilitate the work of customer service employees worldwide even further.

1. Activate a welcome message or automated response

Ask a welcome text that is sent automatically to customers after their initial a WhatsApp message. Ideal to help advance your customer started with general tips, and for example, they point to the times that you are available via WhatsApp. The greeting can be set through the admin settings> TV> 'WhatsApp' and can of course also be turned off.

2. Send and receive photos and images

Casengo's WhatsApp integration now supports pictures and images. You can send it to all common formats and received. Useful for your customers! They can, for example defective products put on the picture, or you can show immediately what colors you want the garment in stock. You can then also be forwarding the images with the touch of the e-mail button, so you can share them both with colleagues and external parties.

3. Start WhatsApp WhatsApp conversations with existing customers

New is the possibility to start a new conversation from a closed WhatsApp. So customers can easily follow afterwards. All you have to do is open a closed WhatsApp conversation and then go to the avatar (Avatar) in the left corner of the screen. Click it and presto: the new case opens immediately.

4. Set WhatsApp name and status

From today you can, like you're used to the WhatsApp application on your phone, set a name and status. Both the name and the status can be changed at any time. Tip: Use the status to indicate hours or for example to communicate the link of your website.

5. Set a profile photo in

Provide personal support WhatsApp on by setting a profile picture or avatar. We support images in png, poison, jpeg and jpg format.

Experience the benefits of WhatsApp service on your website conversion and customer satisfaction for yourself and try WhatsApp customer service software totally free !. Without the intervention of an assistant state your linked WhatsApp number within five minutes on your website. And if you still need help, we offer from 9:00 to 17:30 free support via email, live chat and phone. And WhatsApp support (+316-823-77825) Of course we do!