How to transform complaining customers into real ambassadors

Charlotte  | 

Improve your customer service skills with sincerity and the LAST Method

In a world that’s becoming increasingly more fast-paced and technology-obsessed, customer service is now a bigger challenge than ever. Customer service representatives must accomplish at least two things: getting a customer’s full attention, and coming off sincere.

A recent Forbes article talks about the increasing difficulty of customer service. The article suggests that by simply smiling, customer service representatives can initiate trust with customers:

“Smiling sets a tone. It establishes a rapport and initiates trust, the cornerstone of every business relationship. This last point is more relevant than ever as we struggle to retain that integral factor in our fast-paced, smartphone-addicted, multitask-driven culture. Technological advances, globalization and new business models have us spending more time working remotely on our devices, which also makes us more remote.”

For personal interactions, a smile can make a big impression on customers. It shows that the customer service representative is sincere and wants to fix the problem.

Yet in addition to building trust, customer service agents also must follow a process to identify and solve problems. Many businesses over the world already use the LAST method:

1) Listen to the customer’s concern;
2) Apologize for any inconvenience experience;
3) Solve the problem quickly;
4) Thank the customer for his or her business;

It’s very important that customer service representatives are both sincere and thorough. If an agent or representative perfectly executes the LAST method but is insincere, your customer most likely won’t be satisfied with the outcome. But if a representative is sincere and establishes trust but can’t solve the problem at a hand, your customer will be just as frustrated.

With all those distractions of smartphones, tablets, and social media, customer service has to be fast, efficient, and effective. You can improve your customer service by training your employees in the LAST method and showing them how to come off as sincere. A combination of being sincere and thorough will make a great impression on customers.