"Casengo's WhatsApp integration is the best in the game"

Emily  | 

More and more companies are discovering the benefits of Casengo’s WhatsApp integration. Take Dennis Jurgensen, co-founder of London based Tep Wireless. He uses our integration to stay on top of his game - a bit in the same way his customers use his product to stay on top of their game.

Tep, partnering with the biggest network operators worldwide, rents out pocket wifis to cool people who want to be online when abroad. The company has been offering customer service through WhatsApp for 6 months now. ‘We want our customers to be able to contact us in any way possible,’ Dennis explains. ‘With about a dozen WhatsApp conversations per day, the volumes aren’t particularly high yet, but it’s a great service to offer.’

At first, Tep used one of Casengo’s competitors. ‘It worked fine the first few months, but as soon as WhatsApp launched its web app, messages weren’t coming in. It became too unstable and too unmanageable for our 10-member customer service team.’

Casengo at first glance: check!

Tep tried a bunch of alternatives before finding us. ‘Casengo checked all the boxes and more. I started a 30-day trial, but when I opened the app for the first time, I was convinced.’ A few days into his 30-day trial, he swiped his credit card. ‘We were using Casengo as if we’d never used anything else before. This was what I’d wanted all along.’

Tep began using Casengo for WhatsApp customer service with 10 agents. ‘Today, I have 10+ agents, 2 to 4 at the same time, 24/7. It is so intuitive and organized, allowing us to deal with multiple chats. You can tell it was built by people with real customer service know-how.’

Upping the game with Casengo

Getting Casengo set up was a breeze, Dennis remembers, and the whole process took less than 8 minutes. ‘From the very beginning, porting my number over to you guys – from a competitor no less – couldn't have been more simple. My agents are now using Casengo collaboratively to reply to customers quickly and without fail.’

And if Dennis says “quickly”, he means business: if you send the Tep customer service team a question through WhatsApp, you’ll usually get a reply within a minute. Four minutes is the absolute maximum. ‘Sounds mad, but it’s actually easy to achieve when using Casengo’s WhatsApp integration.’

Dennis would indeed recommend Casengo to any business. ‘Any legitimate customer-centered business should be offering customer service through WhatsApp, and Casengo is the best in the game. It offers what no other company has been able to offer: a WhatsApp integration that’s not infuriatingly limited or unstable.’

So far, Tep only uses Casengo for WhatsApp conversations. ‘Obviously Casengo offers a whole lot more, like email and live chat, but quite frankly Casengo’s WhatsApp integration alone is worth the price of admission.’