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"Casengo's WhatsApp integration is the best in the game"

More and more companies are discovering the benefits of Casengo’s WhatsApp integration. Take Dennis Jurgensen, co-founder of London based Tep Wireless. He uses our integration to stay on top of his game - a bit in the same way his customers use his product to stay on top of their game.

Tep, partnering with the biggest network operators worldwide, rents out pocket wifis to cool people who want to be online when abroad. The company has been offering customer service through WhatsApp for 6 months now. ‘We want our customers to be able to contact us in any way possible,’ Dennis explains. ‘With about a dozen WhatsApp conversations per day, the volumes aren’t particularly high yet, but it’s a great service to offer.’

At first, Tep used one of Casengo’s competitors. ‘It worked fine the first few months, but as soon as WhatsApp launched its web app, messages weren’t coming in. It became too unstable and too unmanageable for our 10-member customer service team.’

Casengo at first glance: check!

Tep tried a bunch of alternatives before finding us. ‘Casengo checked all the boxes and more. I started a 30-day trial, but when I opened the app for the first time, I was convinced.’ A few days into his 30-day trial, he swiped his credit card. ‘We were using Casengo as if we’d never used anything else before. This was what I’d wanted all along.’

Tep began using Casengo for WhatsApp customer service with 10 agents. ‘Today, I have 10+ agents, 2 to 4 at the same time, 24/7. It is so intuitive and organized, allowing us to deal with multiple chats. You can tell it was built by people with real customer service know-how.’

Upping the game with Casengo

Getting Casengo set up was a breeze, Dennis remembers, and the whole process took less than 8 minutes. ‘From the very beginning, porting my number over to you guys – from a competitor no less – couldn't have been more simple. My agents are now using Casengo collaboratively to reply to customers quickly and without fail.’

And if Dennis says “quickly”, he means business: if you send the Tep customer service team a question through WhatsApp, you’ll usually get a reply within a minute. Four minutes is the absolute maximum. ‘Sounds mad, but it’s actually easy to achieve when using Casengo’s WhatsApp integration.’

Dennis would indeed recommend Casengo to any business. ‘Any legitimate customer-centered business should be offering customer service through WhatsApp, and Casengo is the best in the game. It offers what no other company has been able to offer: a WhatsApp integration that’s not infuriatingly limited or unstable.’

So far, Tep only uses Casengo for WhatsApp conversations. ‘Obviously Casengo offers a whole lot more, like email and live chat, but quite frankly Casengo’s WhatsApp integration alone is worth the price of admission.’


Business Support WhatsApp gains ground

WhatsApp is hot. In early April, the company announced [800 million active users] ( to have attracted, including over 9.5 million in the Netherlands . WhatsApp is also in the business segment increasingly popular. Good news for Facebook shareholders, but also for customer service managers: the interest and audience for WhatsApp customer service is growing by the day - also in the Netherlands!

Research firm MultiScope did study of more than 1300 Dutch consumenten the use of WhatsApp. Conclusion: 90% of smartphone owners use the app on active basis, and eight in ten Dutch have WhatsApp in the favorite dock or on the home screen.

Dutch WhatsAppers average daily receive 65 messages and send them there 30. Especially consumers aged 18 to 34 regularly use the application. And almost half of them communicates with companies like via WhatsApp.

No wonder companies are increasingly WhatsApp use as customer contact channel. Where this was back a couple of years especially reserved for large companies such as KLM and T-Mobile can now also medium and small batches easy to get started with easy and accessible applications such as Casengo.

The strength of support WhatsApp

The benefits of WhatsApp for Dutch companies are great:

  • WhatsApp supports pictures - and sometimes a picture says a thousand words. Better communication and customer service so!
  • Unlike Facebook and Twitter, WhatsApp has a closed character. Conversations are therefore completely private.
  • WhatsApp is one of the most widely used communication channels in the Netherlands.
  • As a company, you stand literally in the friends list of your customer: You can not get more personal.

The growth and interest will only grow. Facebook has indicated they would like to attract 1 billion active users on WhatsApp. Will therefore be continued!

Also offer customer service to WhatsApp!

No experience with customer service WhatsApp? Experience now the positive effects of WhatsApp on your website conversion and customer satisfaction, and try it free! Easy to implement, and requires no technical knowledge. If you still need help, we are there on weekdays from 9:00 to 17:30 to you via email, live chat or telephone to advise without obligation. And WhatsApp support (+316-823-77825) Of course we do!

New customer WhatsApp features

In response to the increasing demand for efficient WhatsApp customer service tool for businesses, Casengo launched a few months ago WhatsApp integration - the first all-in-one customer service application in the world. Our tool, which enables customers to manage WhatsApp conversations with multiple users through one central number has grown to become one of Casengo's most beloved features.

We have not been idle in the meantime. Based on the valuable suggestions we have received from customers, we developed new functionalities that facilitate the work of customer service employees worldwide even further.

1. Activate a welcome message or automated response

Ask a welcome text that is sent automatically to customers after their initial a WhatsApp message. Ideal to help advance your customer started with general tips, and for example, they point to the times that you are available via WhatsApp. The greeting can be set through the admin settings> TV> 'WhatsApp' and can of course also be turned off.

2. Send and receive photos and images

Casengo's WhatsApp integration now supports pictures and images. You can send it to all common formats and received. Useful for your customers! They can, for example defective products put on the picture, or you can show immediately what colors you want the garment in stock. You can then also be forwarding the images with the touch of the e-mail button, so you can share them both with colleagues and external parties.

3. Start WhatsApp WhatsApp conversations with existing customers

New is the possibility to start a new conversation from a closed WhatsApp. So customers can easily follow afterwards. All you have to do is open a closed WhatsApp conversation and then go to the avatar (Avatar) in the left corner of the screen. Click it and presto: the new case opens immediately.

4. Set WhatsApp name and status

From today you can, like you're used to the WhatsApp application on your phone, set a name and status. Both the name and the status can be changed at any time. Tip: Use the status to indicate hours or for example to communicate the link of your website.

5. Set a profile photo in

Provide personal support WhatsApp on by setting a profile picture or avatar. We support images in png, poison, jpeg and jpg format.

Experience the benefits of WhatsApp service on your website conversion and customer satisfaction for yourself and try WhatsApp customer service software totally free !. Without the intervention of an assistant state your linked WhatsApp number within five minutes on your website. And if you still need help, we offer from 9:00 to 17:30 free support via email, live chat and phone. And WhatsApp support (+316-823-77825) Of course we do!

WhatsApp - a powerful conversion tool

Since we launched the WhatsApp integration for Casengo in closed beta 2 months ago, a few dozen companies have been testing it enthusiastically. Very exciting times for both our testers and our team; together, we discovered the power of WhatsApp as a customer service tool. One of our recent testers reported having made two deals on his very first testing day!

As a reader of this blog, you’re aware by now how crucial it is to meet customers where they are and serve them on their preferred channels. Facebook used to be considered an effective way to do this, but it now has very little reach. With WhatsApp, however, you send a message that your customer receives immediately – on a device (s)he carries along at all times (especially if their wrist is adorned with an Apple Watch). It’s gold.

Let’s talk conversion

OK – so how do you go about it? Fortunately for Casengo users, helping (potential) customers over WhatsApp no longer involves fat fingers or a tiny smartphone screen: users of our WhatsApp integration are comfortably typing away on their desktop, laptop, or tablet/smartphone if they insist. Straight from the Casengo inbox, we enable them to have WhatsApp conversations just as easily as conversations through email, live chat or social media.

But let’s talk conversion. Conversion is all about responding in the right way at the right time. And the right time, these days, is as soon as humanly possible. Now, if your company’s name figures in your customers’ WhatsApp contact list, what’s stopping them to ask a question as it pops into their head whilst browsing your website or even reading one of your magazine ads?

Show them you care

If you’re smart enough to respond right away and satisfy their curiosity, they’re well on their way to what might be considered an impulse purchase – a purchase of a product that might not even have been on their wish list if it wasn’t for WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is equally interesting for existing customers. Problems with a purchased product? Allow your customers to grab their smartphone and app their question. And surprise them: they’ll be happy to see the words ‘typing…’ underneath their WhatsApp message very soon indeed. You’re coming to their rescue – because you care.

Offer personalised services

In India, where WhatsApp is even hotter than here in the Netherlands, customer service through WhatsApp has an astounding conversion rate – as high as 80%. “India's favourite instant messaging app,” the India Times reports, “is now being used (…) to promote, sell, and offer after-sale-services.”

India’s pioneers in customer service through WhatsApp were small and medium entrepreneurs. Meanwhile, however, even big luxury brands (Cartier, Armani, Diesel) are WhatsApping their way into extraordinary customer service.

Brick-and-mortar businesses are finding that customer service through WhatsApp is the most effective (and cost-effective) way to keep in touch with their regular customers. “Selling luxury is all about offering personalised services,” a CEO explains in the India Times article. “Platforms like WhatsApp enable that, which is why brands encourage their store managers to make an extensive use of it.”

What’s that – you’re not making use of it at all? Sign up for our closed beta! Enter your email address here to test WhatsApp for Casengo, and boost both your conversion and your customer satisfaction rate - before your competitors do.

WhatsApp integration for Casengo nears open beta

Our phone and chat lines haven’t stopped buzzing since news got round about our new WhatsApp integration. Our hackathon in January resulted in a working prototype, making Casengo the first ever multichannel platform to integrate WhatsApp successfully.

We started testing it internally for a few weeks, then moved onto a closed beta programme. Our beloved guinea pigs are now able to manage WhatsApp conversations just as easily as emails, chat messages and social media posts, using the Casengo team inbox. Casengo enables them to prioritize messages, assign conversations to team members, view the customer’s history and use pre-set responses to react faster than ever.

Since the start of our WhatsApp adventure, we added the following features:

  • conversation and case management
  • team inbox
  • follow up with live chat and email
  • contact online / offline status
  • contact/agent typing

Coming up: bigger volumes! We’re now looking for closed beta testers expecting to get 50 to 100 WhatsApp messages a day. Is your company interested in boosting productivity and conversion using WhatsApp for your customer service? Enter your email address here.

We’ll be moving onto open beta this month - stay tuned!