Chatbot for WhatsApp has arrived!

Nick  | 

We live in hectic times. With consumers being more demanding than ever - and perhaps a smaller service team - messages risk slipping through the cracks. How can you respond efficiently without putting too much pressure on your team?

We are proud to present our newest feature: Chatbot for WhatsApp! Relax and allow Casengo’s chatbot to answer and guide your customers - without the help of an agent. This empowers your team to focus on more complex issues that truly need a human touch.

How does Chatbot for WhatsApp work?

We designed our Chatbot to create automated conversation flows that meet the requirements of your business. Easily build these conversation flows yourself - after all, you know your customers better than anyone.

Chatbot acts like one of your colleagues in the Team inbox and communicates with your contacts as such. Each chatbot conversation is treated as a separate case in the Casengo Inbox, allowing agents of the team inbox to easily review and, if needed, take over the conversation.

The chatbot uses build bots to talk to your contacts and guide them through the process. Let the chatbot answer the most common and simple questions, so your precious team members can focus on complicated or delicate issues.

We’ll add Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct Messaging soon!

How can you connect the Casengo Chatbot?

Chatbot is available for Enterprise and Elite plans. Go to the top right corner of your casengo inbox and click on the person icon. Next click on "Chatbots".