Casengo: the first customer service platform with WhatsApp!

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UPDATE 7pm: WE DID IT!! Find proof on YouTube.

UPDATE February 3rd: PRESS RELEASE popup: true including screen shots.

‘Ok, let's go for it! I'll be ordering pizza. The 24 hours start... now.’ We're in the middle of the Casengo WhatsApp Hackathon. In a very short time, we want to prove it's possible: producing a prototype of the WhatsApp integration for Casengo.

Customer service is about being wherever your customers are. As in: on WhatsApp. How great would it be to be right there in their WhatsApp list? A devoted company amongst friends! But WhatsApp, being extremely closed, refuses to cooperate with third parties. So far, not one multichannel customer service platform managed to truly integrate the free messaging service. High time for some old-fashioned hacking! Love it.

A two-way conversation

We're about 15 hours in the hackathon now. Our R&D team almost pulled it off! They managed to send WhatsApp messages from their smartphone straight into the Casengo team inbox. Each new contact through WhatsApp now turns into a customer case within our application. Now they're trying to find a way back to their smartphones. But they're moving in the right direction: the customer's direction. As soon as we establish two-way contact (probably around beer o'clock), we'll show you some proof on this website. Stay tuned for a little movie!

Getting dark... Beer, pizza, and code!

UX guy Ernst really needed that pizza.