Most of your negative reviews are due to slow email response [infographic]

Charlotte  | 

Nobody in his right mind will deny that awesome customer service and happy customers have a positive impact on revenue and conversion. As our customer service and helpdesk software is mostly used by e-commerce customers, we decided to do some research. We built a tool to grab reviews off the internet.

Whilst reading a sample of these 1 million reviews, we noticed the difference in length: negative reviews turned out to be 2.5 times longer than positive ones. We proceeded to analyse 46.000 of these negative reviews on keywords to understand what customers were mainly complaining about.

What bothers unhappy reviewers?

The most basic purpose of an online store is a simple one: getting the products delivered. Not surprisingly, slow deliveries led to the largest chunk of negative reviews (18.4%).

But that poor customer service bothered these customers just as often, did come as somewhat of a surprise. People email or call only when things (almost) go wrong, which means that most e-customers  shouldn’t even have to deal with customer service. Yet 18.4% of unhappy reviewers raised the matter of poor customer service.

Check out our infographic below for the full top 10 of reasons for negative reviews.

“Never again!”

1 in 15 unhappy customers wrote they’d never come back and/or specifically warned other consumers not to buy at the online store they reviewed. Which is shocking, as other research suggests that only 1 in 10 customers actually complain. And although 1 in 15 explicitly writes this, it only makes sense that many more of them do not plan to ever come back again.

So why is it that these customers explicitly write they have had enough of it?

Poor customer service through email: #1 reason for runaway customers

1 in 4 reviewers mentioned poor customer service. Responding to emails slowly or not at all, or being hard to reach by phone, turned out to be fatal.

Half of the remarks about customer service are about being hard to reach, of which 84% about email. This makes sense: e-commerce customers like the ease of email. Just like ordering online, this takes them the least amount of time.

Late delivery obviously still scored high as a deal-breaker, but apparently people can somewhat understand a late delivery - unless they also have to deal with poor customer service. Then they're a lot less forgiving. They just want their problem to be solved!

You can find the entire press release, including the infographic cut up in bits and pieces (for easy copy-paste handiwork), in our online pressroom.