# General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Casengo has the right tools to comply with the AVG / GDPR in practice.

The law

Customers must be able to exercise control:

  1. Right to see data
  2. Right to change data
  3. Right to be forgotten
  4. Right to transfer data
  5. Right to information

Forward customer information

Agents are able to send customer data via the new privacy management menu to the customer in a zip file including all customer communication and attachments.

Screenshot of the new contact menu with Manage privacy as option.

Screenshot of the new contact menu with manage privacy as option.

Delete customer data

In addition, agents are able to completely remove all customer data including attachments from the system. this action can not be undone.

Screenshot of the menu to completely delete all customer data.


The casengo.com website has a cookie manager. Here the visitor can choose which cookies are active.

The casengo chat widget has only functional cookies. This involves:
JSESSIONID and casengo-inline both of which are set for 30 days.

These cookies only keep track of whether a conversation is going on between a website visitor and the Casengo application.

Processing agreement

We have drawn up a standard processing agreement that complies with all rules and regulations of the GDPR, see Casengo Data Processing Addendum - PDF. This processing agreement is effective as of 25 May 2018 and applies to our services. Upon request, we provide our customers with a signed version of this processing agreement

Are you a consumer and do you want to have all your personal data removed? Contact the company that uses Casengo as customer support software.

Do you have questions or feedback? Contact us.