Ron van Valkengoed

Senior Marketing Fellow

Ron is mad about the Cloud. He loves talking about it, building a business around it, investing in it โ€“ if the Cloud were a holiday destination, Ron would have bought a cottage there. Instead, he was one of the first Casengo team members, joining the club (then based in an ugly part of Amsterdam) in October 2011.

Itโ€™s not only the virtual Cloud heโ€™s fascinated by. Ron loves flying. He was 15 when he started gliding through the clouds, in one of those smooth glider planes. A couple of years later, he graduated in Aeronautical Engineering.

He also holds an MBA in International Business, which brought him to South Africa. In 1999, he did a project for EDS in Johannesburg, and before he knew it, he was leading enterprise mobility for EDS. In 2005, he became Managing Director at Ezwim, a leading cloud (!) provider of telecom expense management services.

Sexy story, right? Too late, ladies: Ron is happily married. He and his lovely wife have 2 adorable little boys.

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