Gwyneth Ouwehand

UX Lady

Gwyneth sees things – and she sees them like a Casengo user. Even this very website has been made user-friendly thanks to Gwyneth’s all-seeing eyes. And it’s not just seeing – it’s listening and talking, too: our User Experience Lead gets in touch with users and translates their wishes into tangible projects the developers can work on. This is how she makes sure we’re building a product that will make our users happy.

Gwyneth has been with us for about a year, and she has no plans to leave. She loves Casengo’s young genes, allowing her to take part in deciding where the product – fuelled with the energy of her co-workers – is going. Casengo is young enough to actually want to improve constantly, to re-invent itself, to be the very best. Casengo is a bit like Gwyneth, really – pushing frontiers and all. She always to be a mountaineer when she grew up – or, if that didn’t work out, an ice skating world champion. Instead, she studied computer science and stuff like that.

Nevertheless, she’s happy. She’s a freelance usability expert and information analyst two days a week, sometimes together with her husband Jan-Pieter. And do you know what they make? Software that makes people happy. Yeah, she’s happy all right.

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