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Reply to customer questions faster through email, live chat and social media

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WhatsApp customer service, integrated.

Simultaneous conversations, multiple agents, one WhatsApp account.

Don't leave any customer questions unanswered

One team, one inbox

There's only one way forward: towards more happy customers!

Add notes

A complex query might need extra brainpower. That’s why you can easily add notes that only you and your team can see. No need to burden your colleagues with emails! Casengo lets your team focus on your customers.

Add notes

Assign cases

Most teams are like a jigsaw puzzle: all members are slightly different, each with his or her own expertise. To make sure your customers get the best answer, Casengo allows you to assign team members to specific cases.

Involve others

Sometimes you need to work with a supplier to solve a customer’s problem. Keep all communication in one place by inviting these third parties to the case, whether they already use Casengo or not.

You're in good company

2000+ happy customers

Why companies love us

"Since using Casengo, we can respond to our customers 3 times as fast. It surprised us how easily customers switch between email and live chat. Casengo's just so simple."

Dick Franken

"We got our customer support sorted the day we started using Casengo to manage emails and social media posts."

Kasper Spiro EasyGenerator

Renate, E-commerce business owner

“Thanks to Casengo, we can focus on what truly matters: assisting our customers.”

Renate Hansler Chilly Webstore

Turn email into live chat

Offer your customers the freedom of direct interaction.

Respond 3x faster

Never let your potential customers wait.

Use pre-made responses

When online visitors ask a question through live chat, Casengo will suggest answers taken straight from your knowledge base. This satisfies most visitors enough for them to move on, so your team can focus on what’s important.

pre-made responses

Let the FAQ do the job

Casengo provides you with a powerful knowledge base. Fill it with frequently asked questions and answers to provide your potential customers with personal and complete answers – in no time


Enjoy a complete customer overview

Context is key, especially whilst solving customer queries. Did you ever talk to the customer before? Is there a recurring problem? Using Casengo, you’ll have the context right at your fingertips!

Customer overview

Be in touch with everyone, from everywhere

Support your customers together with your team, using desktop, tablet or mobile.

Meet our team

We're all crazy about good customer service!

Our growing team

"We are commited to give you the best customer support software your money can buy"

Customer fan

Davy Customer Fan

Davy is the link between our team and our users, a role he takes very seriously indeed. And rightly so!

Can I ... with Casengo?

Yes you can!

  • Can I add pre-written responses to common questions? Yes!
  • Can I use Casengo for multiple websites? Yup!
  • Can I see order information in Casengo? Most certainly!
  • Can I work together with my team on customer questions? Absolutely!
  • Can I view reporting per agent? Yep!
  • Can I invite people without a Casengo account? Yes you can!
  • Can I add signatures to emails? Sure!
  • Can I add multiple mailboxes? No problem!
  • Can I log phone calls? Yes!
  • Can I receive push notifications on my mobile? Of course!
  • Can I try Casengo before becoming a happy customer? Absolutely!
  • Can I contact Casengo for amazing support? Always!

Casengo customer support software

Research shows that consumers and companies are willing to pay more for a product or service if the service they get is significantly better. In other words: good customer service gives companies an opportunity to differentiate themselves in the long run. If they treat their customers well, they don’t have to compete on price, maintaining their margins. At the end of the day, it’s customer satisfaction and loyalty that make the difference.

Using technology to provide better and faster service

The best customer support software helps you to support your customers in the most straightforward way possible, which means it doesn’t come with all kinds of bells and whistles. It focuses on allowing your team to give better and faster answers to your customers, using their preferred channel.

This is where Casengo comes into play. We provide online customer service software for small businesses. We built our customer service solution with busy teams – large or small – in mind. Isn’t it more efficient to use a single application instead of various customer service systems?

Our email management software  helps your team to be more productive and provide great service to more happy customers. Many of our users are in e-commerce, but we also see other types of online entrepreneurs who know that great support is key to growing their business. Whether you want to use our customer support software for e-commerce or other businesses, we’ve got you covered.

Treating customers like people, not ticket numbers

Awesome customer service can only be offered if a team collaborates effectively and is allowed to focus on personal interaction with customers. That’s why our support ticket system is not centered around ticket numbers, but around customers. We prefer ‘conversation management’ instead of ‘ticket management’, and having conversations rather than issuing tickets!

Great service is built on flawless conversation management, self-service and a variety of contact channels. Email is still the #1 contact channel for SMEs. Our team inbox makes email management a piece of cake for any team, as everyone will be aligned.

For online visitors in need of a fast answer without picking up the phone, live chat is an ideal channel. An online help chat increases conversion. This is particularly interesting for e-commerce companies, with fewer possibilities than their brick and mortar counterparts to make a personal connection with their visitors. Live support is a crucial part of the Casengo customer service application. Your customers will love you for it!

More and more consumers realize that a public conversation gives them more power than ever before. So use Casengo to easily provide customer support through Twitter and Facebook. Our social media monitor makes sure you never miss another message!

Customer support team productivity

Our simple customer service system is not the only aspect of Casengo that will boost the productivity of your team. The Casengo knowledge base, embedded in the application, suggests answers to online visitors as soon as they ask a question through live chat. You can also use this knowledge base to improve the quality and speed of your email replies.

To top it off, all these functionalities and features are also available in our mobile app for customer service, so you can work with your team from any location. New customer service representatives can easily get up to speed. Customer service management has never been easier.

Casengo versus help desk alternatives

If you’re thinking about how your business should manage customer support, you’ve probably seen a lot of options.From regular old email to the fanciest enterprise help desks, there are dozens of alternatives out there that promise that they’ll help you deliver better online support. We want to make your decision as easy as possible, so we’ve put together some info that’ll help you decide which option is best for you by comparing Zendesk vs Casengo.